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Emperor Deluxe

The original profit center.  The superior eye catching nostalgic design of the Emperor Deluxe series machines will generate a lot of attention in the competitive small machine vending market.  The machine that gets noticed the most does the most business!  The Emperor Deluxe is the highest quality small vending machine in the world and potential customers will see and respond accordingly.  The Emperor Deluxe out attracts, outdraws and outsells all competitors.

The Emperor Deluxe is available in Mini, Single and Dual versions, complete with stands and available accessories like bag hooks, header card holders, spill trays and insurance options.

Coolspot 4 Way Gourmet Candy Shop CS4 Vendmax

Gourmet Candy Shop

Our Gourmet Candy Shop was designed, built and perfected as one of the first $1.00 bulk vending machines on the market.  We named it the Gourmet Candy Shop because it vends gourmet, name brand snacks.  Its simply the best bulk vending machine ever built with the finest appearance of steel and lexan construction that’s built to last.

The Gourmet Candy Shop provides the largest capacity with a modular design supporting exclusive offsite hygienic filling saving time and effort.

The state-of-the-art $1.00 Heavy Duty Coin Mechanism that resists jamming, tampering and is trouble free!


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