I was looking for a business that would accommodate my family life and at the same time offer me a lot of flexibility. When my friend introduced me to Vendmax and Tom Semeniuk I knew that I had found the perfect match.
The profit margins are great but more importantly, working with Tom and his staff is a genuine pleasure. Vendmax always makes me feel my business and success comes first.
It’s also a great venture because the whole family can become involved and it’s a wonderful way to introduce children to the business world. We have been expanding and will be continuing to do so, yet we are still able to carry on operating our other daily businesses as well.
The machines basically look after themselves and Tom is always available for any problems that may rise. It feels good to support the charity as well.
To sum it up, “It’s a no brainer and everyone wins!!”
Delores. B.

Vancouver, B.C., Canada

Vendmax’s Emperor Deluxe’s have made more money for me than any other small vending machines I have previously owned. In fact they have eliminated debts I have accumulated from previous non profitable machines.
John B.
San Diego, CA, USA


We were looking for a business that we could run from home. It also had to fit around our children and our other business’.  Vendmax’s vending machines have really exceeded our expectations. The machines really do make you money and are easy to maintain & service.
The service we receive from Vendmax has been outstanding. We would not hesitate to recommend Vendmax vending machines to anyone.

Debbie & Colin H.
Melbourne, Australia


Dear Lou,
I am writing to express my gratitude and appreciation for everything Vendmax has done to assist and guide me in my new vending business!
Overall, my experience with Vendmax has been great. When it mattered the most, the team really came through; and they did it quickly.

Mary & Richard V.

Croydon, VIC Australia

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