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A Big Money Maker

The bulk candy vending industry in many countries is still very much in its infancy. Business opportunities are perfectly positioned to capitalise on this virtually untapped market where real opportunities exist for you to assume an almost total monopoly of bulk candy vending in your area. Success is achieved through placement of the best vending machines in the business at top quality sites selling only the best confections.

The Advantages of Small Candy Vending

  • Individual units are relatively inexpensive
  • No electricity and easy to locate
  • Need servicing only every 4-6 weeks
  • Very simple to operate and repair
  • Machines can be transported easily
  • Product is small and easy to carry for reloading
  • Small candy vending machines can generate up to 300% mark-up or more from product cost to vend price, one of the highest in the vending industry

Now For The First Time Ever…

Everyone’s all time favourite snacks – M&Ms, Wonka products and more are available to the public in a retro style, antique candy store type vending machine, the CANDY STAND  machines.

Now you can cash in on the growing demand that is just beginning for these established premium brand name snacks.

People of all ages love M&Ms and other candies with consumer-buying statistics demonstrating M&Ms to be consistently being at the top of snack sales internationally. Customers will go out of their way to buy their favourite snack.

We are very proud to feature CANDY STAND ‘s “Vendmax” models, the #1 bulk vending machine in the world. We work closely with our confection suppliers to help develop promotional material and to work out volume discounts purchases for you – our customer!

Now the complete package is ready for you. There are many possible locations to place your CANDY STAND  machines.

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