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Emperor Deluxe Dual Vending Machine VendmaxEmperor Deluxe Dual Vending Machine Vendmax

The Vendmax Emperor Deluxe Dual is one of the most successful small bulk candy vending machines in the world.  Nothing comes close to this patented retro-styled twin-product octagonal globe candy vending machine.  The Emperor Deluxe Single doesn’t compare with the common “plastic” machines.

Route accountability and time management are greatly enhanced with an individual cash box that pulls out from the back of the base secured with a high security lock

The unique coin mechanism eliminates costly service calls by reducing jams if smaller than accepted coins are inserted – they simply fall through to the coin tray but no product is dispensed.

The stand is made of a durable quality metal high luster chrome  or powder-coated finish and is similarly designed to match, compliment and blend in with The Emperor Deluxe Single almost as a one piece unit rather than a machine on a stand. Together they create a stunning attractive candy vending merchandiser.

The Dual twin-globes are totally modular adding a two-product choice for customers without taking up valuable floor space.

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